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Google Adsense - What the Gurus Don't Tell You About Google Adsense To Gain A Consistent Income

It has been reported that in the year 2005, $1 billion dollars were earned by google adsense publishers worldwide. Daily, we are accosted by stories of top earners who extol their feelings of happiness of being identified with this excellent program, that gives new value to advertising and promotional efforts. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of adsense publishers who are actively creating pure content websites to display those tiny google ads and getting a portion of the revenue when someone clicks on the ads in search of information or in search of purchasing the product.

I often read email offers from the adsense gurus'. There are many who offer to provide research reports on the best high paying keywords so that you can build effective web sites to draw ads that pay the most when clicked. Others, encourage you to submit your optimised site to hundreds of search engines to get backlinks, others applaud the power of press releases to reap hundreds of backlinks when the press release is picked up by online editors. Some who see virtue in black hat SEO ( search engine optimisation ) offer powerful scripts that cloak pages. There are many too who offer you the instant use of the latest Blog and Ping softwares to attract the search engine spiders to come and index your page. Not to forget the many gurus' who are offerring the latest state of the art softwares to auto-generate hundreds of pages within minutes, to create massive sites of search engine results based pages as directories and indexes.

But in all these, there are very important things the gurus invariable fail to highlight, and which can dash all the aspirations of the budding adsense publisher to tiny pieces.

Firstly, you can make the best pure content website, but if it does not attract targeted traffic, you will not be earning any money from the effort.

Secondly, you can have huge web sites of keywords that are meant to be high paying, but in reality when you get clicks, you find you might be getting just a few cents worth of clicks.

Thirdly, indexed pages come and go. What is indexed today may be gone tomorrow as the search engines update their listings.

Fourthly, even if you had followed the advice of many-a-guru to have unique content and unique customized templates for your website, there is no guarantee of earning higher adsense income or any income at all, especially if the sites do not gather traffic.

Fifthly, do not be attracted to buy those ready-made low cost websites that you can upload and attract traffic, especially where there is never a limit to the number of similar sites being sold. There will be a huge duplicity of web site content for these sites which are sold a dozen a penny ( you can buy 150 sites for only $15 - from one email flyer I received through my email box recently).

If you are a newbie to google adsense publishing, learn the tricks and skills from a mentor. This will accelerate your learning and help you avoid the pitfalls of trying to look for easy money. In the end, the Google Adsense is a great program and working close to the terms of service by Google Adsense and providing solid relevant content and having a reliable steady traffic flow to the sites will help bring you a consistent income as an adsense publisher.

YS Koh is a Certified Financial Planner and accomplished webmaster of Best Wedding Planners Reader of this article can pick up a powerful software (special offer) to build unlimited search engine spider friendly web pages at an extremely low cost by visiting the website

How to Increase Your AdSense Profits

AdSense allows website publishers to display contextually relevant advertisements on their website. If a web visitor "clicks" on an advertisement, the web publisher will earn a percentage of the advertising revenue generated as a result of the click. Many webmasters have built content websites around the Google AdSense model. In many cases the specific intent of the webmaster is to profit from Google AdSense. Other webmasters use Google AdSense to supplement their revenue. Regardless of the webmaster's intent, the following tips will help webmasters looking to profit from AdSense.

Top AdSense Tips:

1. Niche Sites.
Targeted niche sites that have a clear theme, tend to generate more advertising revenue simply because it is easier to achieve decent search engine placement. Be warned though, you want to chose a niche where there is a sufficient number of advertisements available.

2. Target Keywords.
When determining the sites focus, consider how much the advertisers pay for the advertisements. If the site is focused on ringtones, like Ringtone Central the payout per click is going to be very small, as ringtones are not high ticket items, advertisers will not spend a lot on pay per click advertisements.

With less obvious markets use Overture to determine how much advertisers pay per keyword, it is usually similar on Google. Search Overture for a keyword then click "View Advertisers' Max Bids" in the top right corner. This will show the Overture inventory and how much is paid per keyword. Because the market has become very competitive, it will be difficult to rank well in search engines with a new website that is optimized for the terms that have the highest payout. Consider targeting terms that are moderately priced.

3. Aged Sites / Time.
Over time as a website is spidered by Google, advertisements will generally increase in relevance. In general, older websites will rank better in search engines. The closer the advertisements relate to the webpage's content; the higher the "click-through" the publishers will see.

4. Coding.
In order to minimize a websites maintenance place the Google generated AdSense code in the website template or an include file. This will allow you to easily experiment with different advertisement sizes and ad placement, and keep the web maintenance to a minimum.

5. Tracking Channels.
In order to know how effective a specific website or ad placement is use distinct channels and subchannels within Google. This will allow you to discern what performs best on a specific website.

Using channels will tell you what sites are making money, what advertisements are making money and what ad position is the most profitable on a specific website. Keep in mind that you should run an advertisement for a full week, in order to properly test its effectiveness, different days of the week will vary the web traffic so comparing one week to another will give the most accurate reflection of how effective a campaign performs.

When testing different advertisement sizes, placement or color schemes be sure to leave campaigns in place for one week, different days will often result in web traffic
fluctuations. Comparing web traffic, week to week will give a clear indication of what ad formats perform the best.

6. Integrated Ad Placement.
Many webmasters have been successful at integrating advertisements into a website. The easiest way to integrate an advertisement into a website is to remove the advertisement border. This will allow the ads to better blend with the webpage. Google recommends contrasting the link colors with the website colors to increase click-throughs. It is also suggested that webmasters randomize the color of the advertisements, so that frequent users will not naturally "filter" the ads.

example of integrated ad placement: or

7. Number vs Value of Advertisements.
Up to three advertisements can be listed on each page. This decreases the value of the advertisements served, so publishers should cautiously add advertisement units, as it dilutes ad inventory. In other words you want to serve the most expensive ads at all times.

8. Hot Spots.
Like web copy above the fold holds true with AdSense as well. This means that advertisements that appear without having to scroll will be read more frequently. Hot Spots are areas on a web page that result in a higher percentage of click-throughs. According to Google the highest paying advertisements are located on the hot spots.

hot spots map -

Google does not indicate if image advertisements or text ads perform better, so webmasters are encouraged to experiment with both.

9. Highest performing Ad Sizes.
According to Google the 336 x 280 rectangle, the 300 x250 rectangle and the 160 x 600 sky scraper result in the highest number of click-throughs. Depending on the website's
design and layout, publishers may experience different results with different ad sizes, placements and color schemes. Expirement and track the results for each website
to maximize the AdSense payout.

Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for NotePage a wireless text messaging software company.

Content, traffic and more Google AdSense profits

How to get content using articles grow targeted traffic and get more money with Google AdSense program.

Today everybody is talking about good content and how important it is to have one on any site. Good, relevant content is so loved by search engines. Quality content is a powerful advantage in the Internet.

The demand for quality content gave second birth to article. I am sure you already tried to submit or write and submit article(s). Everyone does it now. My experience shows that nice content and good submission work give you a huge publicity online. With time article pages get bigger and bigger PR and keep sending you extra targeted traffic.

Even if Google, Yahoo, MSN change their rules, will this affect good content? Never. Internet is nothing without good, relevant content and good article is a nice content indeed.

This is when it comes really easy to understand that running your own article directory is a very smart thing to do in terms of Internet marketing, SEO.

The BENEFITS of having article directory on your site are great:

- every day your site grows with new relevant content - articles;

- each new page is indexed by search engines, these are the pages with super relevant content, on your keywords, this means with every new article in your directory you score more on your keywords with search engines;

- each article page is a page with quality content, the Page Rank of article page grows with time - just think how many pages with nice PR you will have automatically;

- article directory gives you traffic from search engines, very targeted traffic, people who come to read and find, your site gives them super relevant content (tests on real sites prove that people click 10+ more pages in sites with article directory in comparison to 2-3+ clicks before article directory was created on this site);

- you have no problems with content, it grows itself, fresh articles, on the keywords you need;

- you can easily monetize the traffic with Google AdSense, if you have your own products/services in the niche - direct traffic from article pages to your subscription email or order page - you have the right to do that, it is your site.

So, having article directory on your sites is much better
than not having article directory.
What can stop you from creating article directory for your site now?

#1. You do not have the skills. - Now everything is easy as programs do all the job. All you need is a professional tool for creating and running your article directory. You just install it on your sites, do setup and the rest is managed by the tool.

#2. Articles can be dangerous. - Yes, they can. If you plan to create directory with 200-1,000 articles in 2 days, search engines may think that you are a spammer. But who says to do so? Grow your directory gradually. 5-10 new articles a day are better than hundreds in a bulk.

Search engines like to see gradual growth of articles in the directory, give them this gradual growth. All you do is picking up or declining articles. Accept about 10 top relevant and interesting articles and the tool generates pages, puts them in the category you choose, creates RSS feed for the pages - everything to get bigger attention from search engines.

Now you see, that the only problem with article directory on the site is the question of balance. When you try to squeeze everything at once, your directory will have the content, but search engines will notice your growth only once.

On the other had, if you are not trying to catch up with wind and care for quality of each article, the gradual growth will show much better results. Still, getting extra 10-20 new quality content pages every day is not a bad thing. Even if Google bosses visit your site every week, they will not say anything: you are not spamming, you are managing your directory, taking care of the quality for your clients and visitors.

Article Directory + Smart Efforts = Content, Traffic & Money

About The Author:

Nickolay Bokhonok, owner and inventor of Internet marketing tools. Recent tool - http://www.AutoContentPublisher

Link Value is Like Real Estate - Location, Location, Location!

Unless you're just starting out in learning search engine optimization, you should already know that the quality of search rankings for your website directly correspond to the quantity of links pointing to your site from other sites. That’s true as a general statement, but it also makes sense that search engine algorithms do not blindly weight all links the same.

In using links as a primary weighting factor, search engines are really trying to extract the honest, unbiased, expert ‘votes’ from the Internet community about which sites are the best resources on a given subject. Search engines are not perfect at this of course, but if you keep it in mind while building links to your site, you will make yourself far less vulnerable to future search engine algorithm updates. Lets take a look at some of the primary factors search engines use to determine the value of a link:

The theme of the site your link is on tells a lot about how well qualified that ‘vote’ for your site is. For example, it follows that a link to your lawnmower site from a site dedicated entirely to lawn care is a more knowledgeable recommendation than the same link coming from a site that’s dedicated to travel.

The contents of the page your link is on will also affect the value of it in the eyes of the search engines. The more closely related the linking page’s theme is to your own, the more weight will be given. The same logic applies as above in that an article about finding the best mowers will provide a far more relevant vote for your lawnmower site than an article about places to visit in Singapore.

At a finer level, the surrounding text around a link will affect its value as well. Perhaps your link is on a travel site inside an article on places to visit in Singapore. The writer visited Singapore and found an amazing new Chinese-produced mower that can only be purchased online through your website. It’s commonly believed that having your link directly surrounded by related content will also boost its value, although to a lesser degree than the previously mentioned factors.

The last key factor, the actual anchor text of the link, is still extremely important to what terms your site ranks highly for. While this is slowly becoming slightly less dominant of a factor, it’s still the number one most important factor that search engines look at to determine how your site should rank for a given keyword phrase. As often as possible arrange to have the anchor text of the link pointing to your site include the keywords you are targeting. The easiest way to do this is to choose a domain name with the keywords in it. It will be much more reasonable to arrange a link to your site with the anchor text ‘lawnmower deals’ if your domain name is than if it were something like

In the end, all you really need to do is to keep in mind that the search engines are constantly striving to find natural, honest, expert ‘votes’ for websites and those votes will be given a great deal more value than those links that appear to be purchased or manipulated in some way. So seek out links from relevant content on relevant sites. Provide good interesting content and services that people will want to talk about and recommend and you will find that the number of links you actually need to get to the top of the search rankings is very often far fewer than you think!

Joel Carlson is one of the Backlink Boys, a group of link building experts that provides tools and services to assist webmasters in building their link popularity.

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How I Boosted My Monthly AdSense Profits from $673.07 to $21,398.85 in Just 6 Months

All of my keyword research/analysis and search engine optimization skills suddenly came together in October 2004.

I had just written my first book, and I just wanted to get some free traffic to my website so I could start selling the it.

Triple Your Income with Ad Layout Changes

I had been making about $600 per month from Google AdSense for a long time. As I was researching traffic and revenue techniques, I ran across a tip on how to triple your adsense income (by tripling clickthrough rate).

I implemented the change (relax, I'll put all the tips below) and it worked! I Went from $20 per day to $40, $50, and $60 days, with the same amount of traffic! My click through rate actually quadrupled in 10 days.

I then wrote keyword-optimized articles on 90 keyphrases I had found. This led to a 150% increase in traffic - no small feat considering that my website already had 300 articles.

The following month, I averaged $98 per day from AdSense - I had some days above $100, and one day I almost broke $200. I was getting pretty excited. I felt I had broken a code, finally developed a cash system that worked. Google was my new favorite sugar daddy!

Get Better Rankings and More Traffic by Targeting Only Vulnerable Keywords

I got into the math of keywords - I looked at those 90 keywords and compared the ones that had ranked well against those that hadn't. I also compared those that brought in traffic as expected and those that didn't, despite ranking well.

I developed a keyword evaluation equation that I believe is superior To KEI. I've written elsewhere about the weaknesses of KEI - it can tell you the value of a keyword, but not every site can compete on every keyword. Because it overvalues demand and only reflects the exact-match supply, it doesn't help new websites identify their most vulnerable targets.

My equation, which calculates the "vulnerability" of a keyword. Vulnerability is expressed as a percentage - so 95% is good, 97% is pretty darned vulnerable, and 99% vulnerable is nearly a done deal. Using this equation helped me reduce inefficiency and increase my success rate with rankings, thus increasing traffic and revenue opportunities.

Partner with Writers to Increase Volume of Web Pages

>The next major development was my response to discovering there was an immense number of vulnerable keywords to write about. I couldn't Possibly write about all of them. So I found freelance writers who were willing to profit share with me. I gave them 50% of the adsense earnings on any article they submitted. But they could only write on the keywords I gave them, and they had to include the keyword in specific places.

That's the other key to website ranking success- putting your keywords in the right place in your web page. I worked on this quite a bit as well. As time went on, I got more and more writers, some of whom were very prolific, writing 100 or more articles in a few months.

With everything that occurred, I kept tracking statistics, rankings, success rate, etc. I fine-tuned the vulnerability equation. I discovered which topics get advertisements that no one clicks on. And I learned some things about what kind of writing leads to better click through rates.

Follow Me to Huge Online Profit Boosts

In just 6 months, we put up 2000 articles, boosted monthly page views more than 5 times, from 100,000 to 525,000, and boosted profits to $21,398.85. How did we do it? There are so many details that it would take a whole book to tell you everything - which is why I've been writing one on this subject - but here are some helpful tips to start with:

1. Strike Gold With More Precise Keyword Targeting:
make sure the monthly demand is at least 300. I'm withholding my vulnerability equation right now for those who will purchase my ebook when it's released, but I'll tell you the essence of it: check the supply of existing pages on Google for the keyword both in quotes, and not in quotes - this takes care of exact matching and partial matching respectively, and both are essential. If one or the other is too high, chances are the keyword is too competitive. The threshholds I put in the vulnerability equation are based on my PR5 site, but for newer sites you can use only the 99%+ vulnerability keywords.

2. Boost Traffic With More Thorough Keyword Optimization: without spamming or stuffing, write the whole keyword phrase (exactly as searchers type it) at least 5 times in your article. Include it in the meta keywords, meta description, 1 or 2 image alt's, and in the title tag. Write a title tag that not only includes the keyword (just once) but will also look interesting to searchers in the search results. It's also a good idea to have your keyword in a tag and in bold somewhere. Finally, if you aim for a word count of about 566 words per page, you'll please 4 of the biggest search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista).

3. Increase Earnings by Considering Keyword Profitability: Neither every niche, nor every keyword is equally profitable. For example, I found that sports keywords didn't lead to many clicks, presumably because when fans are looking for game scores, they probably aren't looking to buy a baseball cap. Also, famous people (perhaps with the exception of musicians) generally don't generate profitable clicks, because people usually just want free news or free pictures. The most profitable niches will be those in which the best information is not readily available, which require some specialized tools or services, etc. I found that health and electronics keywords were above average in profitability. Again, there are ways to get numbers for the monetary value of keywords- can you guess what? I'm going to explain this in more detail in a special report after the ebook is all taken care of.

4. Increase Earnings by Improving Ad Placement: Google has added a lot of new options to the layout code - I suggest you test with multiple channels to see what works best. Regardless of what I suggest next, testing is the key to all online success - whether you want rankings, traffic, or earnings. The internet affords accurate and detailed metrics - use them.

The tip that initially tripled my AdSense income was: put a 250x250 ad in the horizontal center of your page, above the fold, and make sure the border is white.

I've found that making the ads look like any other part of your site is important. The ads are valuable, but if they look like ads, people will tune them out. So make sure the color scheme for your ads in the same as your site's. Since you can place 3 ads on one page, I'd suggest a dead center one (as mentioned above), a left or right side skyscraper, and a wide banner one at the bottom of the page.

That's plenty of meat to sink your teeth into. I've learned a lot more, but another time, another article... Good profit hunting!

Since 1999, Brian Carter, MS, has reached more than a million visitors with his websites. His ranks in the top 1% of all major websites. His second book, The Web Site Marketing Success Manual: How One of My Web Sites Made $21,638.49 in a Month, will be available in July, 2005.

How to Get Hundreds of One-Way Links Pointing to Your Website -- For Free

Article marketing is the only viable way to quickly build hundreds of one-way links to your website with little or no cost. Follow this step-by-step guide to find out how you can use article marketing (also known as article PR) to develop your own source of quality search engine and link referral traffic.

Creating Your Article

The secret to successful article marketing is quality content -- think viral marketing. Poorly written articles may be accepted on certain directories, but only well written and informative articles will be accepted on the best article directories and consequently published by ezine editors, website owners and bloggers. You are likely to get more traffic from one high quality article than you would from several that are poorly written.

Keep your article short and concise. Aim for about 500 - 700 words, but use more if you feel it is necessary. Consider breaking long articles down into two sections. Distribute the first section to other websites and host the second section on your site only. That way, people will need to visit your site to finish reading the article.

Sell Your Article to the Audience

Use the title and first paragraph to get your article noticed and read by the target audience. The title should sell the key benefits, for example; 'How To Earn Money Selling Insurance Affiliate Products' does not stand out as well as 'Insurance Affiliates Earning More Than £5000 per month -- Find Out How You Can Join Them'.

The first paragraph should build on the benefits stated in the title and provide a clear explanation as to what the reader will discover in the article. Such as: 'Find out how a bunch of college undergraduates are making £1,000s each month, selling insurance affiliate products in between their studies'.

Sell Your Article to the Search Engines

Increase the number of people reading your articles by making them search engine friendly. Consider this scenario: You have just launched a new website and desperately want to generate a steady stream of visitors. Unfortunately the Google Sandbox is likely to prevent you from receiving any substantial search engine traffic for a number of months.

A keyword targeted article on your website might not receive a satisfactory search engine ranking, but the same article added to a large, established article directory will have a much better chance. Despite being hosted on another website, the article will still link to your site, allowing readers to click through.

To optimise your article for search engines, aim to place your targeted keywords in the title, the first paragraph, sparsely throughout the article body and in the link anchor text of your resource box.

Resource Box

A resource box is actually just a piece of text at the end of the article where the author can provide contact details and information about their own website, product or service.

The resource box is your opportunity to drive traffic to your website, so maximise your clickthroughs by offering a compulsive reason for people to click on your link.

Rather than 'Click here for useful advice and information', use something like:

'Did you like this article? Find over 100 high quality tools and articles at....'


'Download our free report -- How to instantly increase sales by 20%'.

If you are distributing articles to improve your search engine rankings, include a link to the web page that you are trying to promote and place the keywords on which you are trying to rank, into the anchor text.

Distributing Your Article

Begin by distributing to article directories. These tend to range from large general portals containing tens of thousands of articles in numerous categories, through to small, niche sites focusing on specific subjects. See the resources box at the end of this article for a listing of nearly 200 article directories to submit to.

Most article directories have an automated process for you to upload, review and submit your content. Some allow HTML formatting, whilst others do not. To save time during the article submission process, consider setting up web page on your computer with the following content that you can cut and paste into each directory:

Plain Text Article - Simple format used for directories that do not support HTML formatting, such as Bold or Underline.

HTML-Formatted Article - This version of the article will include tags around the titles, plus bullet points; making it visually more appealing to the audience.

Keywords - List of keywords for those directories that have their own internal search engines.

Resource Box - Promotional text for your website, product or service.

Distribution Strategy

Your distribution strategy will depend on the subject of your article, though the more directories you submit to, the more links you will receive and the greater your chance of having your article picked up by a newsletter with several thousand subscribers.

Most article directories require you to register to submit your article. This can make the initial effort quite drawn-out, but once you are registered with the directories the process will be much quicker. Ensure you record the login details for each article directory in a spreadsheet or on a web page on your computer, so that you can quickly navigate to the directory, login and submit your article.

Once you have submitted to the list of directories you could try contacting relevant websites and blogs directly, asking them if they would like to publish your article; just avoid the strategy of spamming hundreds of websites with unsolicited emails and poor quality content.

Monitor The Results

Monitor your site statistics to see which websites are referring the most traffic. As you refine your article marketing techniques, you may want prioritise article submission to those sites that perform best.

You can also monitor the number of websites that publish your article. Go to Google and enter the title of the article into the search box, ensuring you place speech marks around it. Google will return all of the pages containing that exact line of text and you will be able to quickly go through each page to verify that it is listing your article. Remember that it will take at least a month before your article will begin to show up in the results.

Want non-stop, free traffic? Submit your articles to nearly 200 article directories -- Article supplied by -- The number one for business advice

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Google Adsense - New Methods Of Earning

Google Adsense has provided many webmasters and bloggers with a genuine opportunity to make money online. In a nutshell, it's simply a matter of signing up for a Google Adsense account and then posting some code onto your website or blog which causes Google's pay-per-click Adword ads to be displayed.

The ads are "contextual" - thanks to Google's software they reflect the content on the page upon which they are displayed. So if your website is related to travel, the ads will also relate to travel. If you have a website which provides information on new car sales, the ads will be for car sales, and so on.

With very few exceptions (gambling, adult related content, etc.) Google will serve relevant ads for you regardless of your sites main subject area. There's no need to spend time seeking out advertisers and, since the adverts are highly relevant to your main topic area, they should be of interest to your visitors, thereby increasing the number of people who click on them.

And that's the good bit - whenever someone clicks on one of those ads, the advertiser pays Google a fee. Google then splits this fee with the webmaster hosting the ads. This, along with similar ads hosted on Google's search pages, is how Google makes most of its money - it's big business.

Google Adsense has become one of the best ways for small webmasters to earn online, and an entire industry seems to have grown up around it. It's possible to choose from a huge range of e-books detailing how to maximise your Adsense income. Selection of ad types, colour schemes, positioning of ads, good topics and keywords etc. are usually discussed in depth.

It's also possible to participate in online forums where the main topic of discussion is Google Adsense and the best ways to earn from it. Software is available for the (largely) automatic generation of special websites whose sole purpose is to earn from Adsense - so called "Adsense sites".

As good as a lot of the available information is, many webmasters find themselves disappointed by their Adsense income for one simple reason - insufficient traffic to their sites. Of course, there are many independent references and resources available which deal with the subject of generating traffic to websites - but since many of the best traffic building strategies require time, effort and sometimes money this can put too great a strain on the patience and advertising budget of many online entrepreneurs.

In order to satisfy a growing number of webmasters aspirations to earn Adsense income, a number of relatively new services have sprung up, all of which are based upon a symbiotic relationship. Two of these are detailed below:

Blogging For Adsense Profit This is pretty straightforward - you can now sign up to blogging networks which, in return for content provided by you, will split any Adsense profit 50 - 50. So, when your blog post is displayed, 50% of the time it will show Adsense ads associated with your account and 50% of the time it will display ads associated with the blog host's Adsense account.

In fact, the 50 - 50 split is based on the number of displays. Due to the way Google Adsense revenue is allocated it's difficult to arrange a 50 - 50 split of profits - but over time it should average out to something around 50% each.

Essentially, you provide the content and the blog host provides traffic to your blog. There does tend to be a sense of "community" with this type of arrangement and, once this is established a reasonable level of visitors to your blog posts should be achievable. If you're a gregarious type of person who does well in a "community" environment then this may be a good option for you.

Two blog networks which provide this service are listed below. Note that these two sites also operate an affiliate scheme (though the links below are not affiliate links) so, in addition to earning from Adsense income associated with your own blog postings, you may be able to earn additional income from anyone else you introduce.

Article Writing For Adsense Profit There are many benefits to writing and submitting articles to article banks. You get backlinks to your site which not only improves your search engine ranking but also results in traffic from direct clicks. You also have a great opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field as your articles are syndicated and reused around the internet on websites, blogs and in ezines and newsletters.

As if all that wasn't enough, there are now article banks which, similar to the blogging communities previously mentioned, will split Adsense revenue associated with your articles with you. Again, a 50 - 50 split seems to be common. The site below operates this system, at the moment there is no affiliate scheme.

As more and more people seek out Adsense income, the number of sites offering the type of revenue sharing detailed above will continue to grow. If you are the type of person who is better at producing content than driving traffic, or if this is your preferred method of operating, then sites like these could very well afford you the opportunity to get your slice of the pie.

Hamish Hayward
Starting A Home Based Business?
Discover the 6 key factors you need to master for success - online or offline. Free e-books, newsletter, tools and resources.

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How My Google Adsense Blog Changed My Publishing Business Model

The problem with the human race is that we forget too quickly and take many good things that come into our lives for granted. I try very hard to resist this temptation because it can make you lose focus.

Take my Google Adsense blog as the perfect example. The amazing Adsense program has changed my business model and made it much more viable. The result is that I no longer need to focus so much on selling my information products. Instead with my Google Adsense blog I can concentrate on increasing traffic and earning more cash from Adsense even as I look for the most effective method of selling my information products.

The amazing thing is that I can still make significant profits from my Google Adsense blog without selling a single product. It is much easier to get folks to click at the ads posted at my blog than it is to get them to part with some cash for a certain information product.

My Google Adsense blog also allows me to take full use of the most powerful word known to marketing. That word is FREE. In my marketing I have always gone to great lengths to take advantage of valuable and useful free offers. However, they have not always been viable and many times I have ended up spending a lot of my time with very little to show for it at the end of the day. Now with my Google Adsense blog, I can offer lots of excellent free content and stuff and still end up making a significant profit through my Adsense ads.

But the greatest advantage by far that has been brought about by my Google Adsense blog is releasing me from the time-consuming exercise of trying to seek for advertisers. Now with the Adsense program, I not only get the ads, but I also get relevant ads which further enhance the value of my Google Adsense blog to visitors.

Actually the Adsense program has had far-reaching effects on the way things are done online. For instance it changes the currency. As my as my Google Adsense blog is concerned, cash for advertising for traffic is no longer the preferred currency. Instead the real currency is hot keyword rich content. It is no secret that the right keyword-rich content can greatly impact on the ranking of a blog so much so that it receives huge daily targeted traffic from search engines.

Christopher Kyalo is a successful online publisher. Visit his Adsense blog for more tips. Get his free report Increase Traffic, Increase Adsense Earnings, Using Only Articles by subscribing to his email newsletter on Adsense. Send a blank email now to

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AdSense Money Maker through Blog Niche Marketing

You too can build a money making site from home, that will earn you extra money for that vacation you want to take, for that car you need to purchase or those inflating credit card bills.

First step: you need to pick a Niche market. What is a Niche market you may ask? It is a topic that is more focused, and does not take the general aspect of a topic. You want to pick something that is out there, but is focused so you can get up there in search engines and build traffic to your site.

Want an example of a Blog with Niche Marketing?

Mesothelioma Info and Updates at This site taylors to Mesothelioma, a rare disease caused by Asbestos, and the site goes in depth about the Niche Market of "Peritoneal Mesothelioma". Asbestos would be more of a General Blog without Niche marketing, while drilling down to "Peritoneal Mesothelioma" is a niche market.

Another example of a blog that is not Niche Marketing is the Domain Names and Web Design Info blog at This blog is maintained in a general sense that it discusses topics from Web Design, Web Hosting and Domain Names to Money Making strategies. It is not focused to one single topic.

Once you have picked your Niche market, you have to find out if it pays well through advertising, and has actual advertisers willing to pay you to advertise the site!

The Overture bidding tool will tell you just that! Go to:

Type in your niche market term, and it will tell you how much people on overture are willing to pay for each term. If it pays well, and is worth your while, then that will be your niche market you want to pursue.

Now you need to find the keywords you want to target and rank high for in Google. The suggestion tool located at will help you find just that:

Type in a keyword and it will show you what people search for and how many times per day. Pick a keyword that has a good daily search, but does not have too high of a number. This will allow you to have a fighting chance to cracking the top position for this search term. For example you may want something with about 100 searches per day.

Once you pick one, go to, and search for that term and see how many results show up. If you have less than 1 million results, then that is ideal. Now take a look at the current #1 spot. See their page rank and how many links they have. If you think you can outrank them, then you are good to go. Target that keyword with your Niche market, and your site research is done.

Once you have the research complete, you set up a blog or web site.

To Set up a blog, go to one that I use Blogger at Set up your blog and begin posting in no time. This is a good and quick setup for getting your site started and getting searched by Google. However, your own site with its own domain name and hosting, tends to come up higher in search rankings. Also, having your own unique Blog Design as opposed to using a Blogger template, will help your site stand out from the rest. Emenki Web Solutions can provide you with such a custom template.

To set up your web site, purchase a domain name and web hosting. Download the Web Site Startup Handbook Ebook to learn more at Then get free Blogging software and begin to run your site. Search on to find Blogging software that you can use for Free.

Run your said Blog for about two weeks with at least 1-2 posts per day to develop enough content for search engines to consider placing you site in its rankings and for you to build traffic.

Once you have done this, set your site up for Google Adsense ( Remember to follow the Google Adsense Terms of Service.

Once your site is approved for Google Adsense, place the AdSense code and begin to market your site through SEO software like Traffic Blazer and One way Link Building Strategies!

Read up on SEO techniques to get your site to the top! Once you are there, you will generate traffic and if you have enough click through on your ads, you will make money!

Thanks for coming out and learning how to become an AdSense money maker!

Purchase your Blog Domain Name and Web Hosting at Domains at Retail (

Learn what else you may need to start up your Adsense Money Making Web Site in the Web Site Startup Handbook (

Need a custom Blog Template for your Money Making Site? Contact the professionals at Emenki Web Solutions (

Setting your Adsense Money Target

One question I always like to ask a new webmaster is if he makes money from Adsense. Ofcourse, most of them these days atleast have it on their site just for the sake of having it. But are they really making money is the question.

Let me tell you, getting a click now and then is not enough. This is because, Google pays you only when you reach $100 and that is a lot of money if you consider the amount you get paid for one click. So, webmasters who have Adsense ads on their site just because everyone else does it are really doing a favor to Google by providing them space to advertise for FREE!

So, if you are a kind of webmaster or a blogger who wants to make real money from Adsense, what is it that you need to look at? Two things in fact. First your Adsense target and the Second, deadline date by which you want to get that money. Because, this two can set you to plan the traffic numbers and the kind of traffic that you need to have.

Let me take a hypothetical case. Suppose you plan to reach the minimum payout exactly in time for the first payout date from now, then your target is $100 in one month. Quite an ambitious task, I tell you for a beginner, but certainly not a utopian task.

Google forbids webmasters from disclosing the money they make. So, here I choose a hypothetical value of 25 cents per click. Trust me, Google most often pays you better than this. But I choose to show you the hard road.I will perform some simple mathematics now.

Target in mind : $100 per month = $3.33 per day = 333 cents per day.
Amount per click : $0.25
Hence, clicks per day : 333/25 = 14 clicks(approximately)

So, you require 14 clicks per day to get you to the target. Sounds easy or tough? What does it take you to get to those click numbers. The Click Through Rate has been on an average found to be 1 in every 100. With that kind of a ratio, you would need 1400 impressions per day to reach per day.

That, I know looks daunting. But there are certain things to remember. For example, your Click Through Rate might also go upto something like 5% or the amount you earn per click might also be in dollars. All that depends on the kind of ads served on your site, which in turn depends on your site content.

So,as of now, making the above calculation is important. This will help you set yourself a benchmark on a daily basis by which you can compare your daily performance. However, do not change strategies on a daily basis as well. Your revenues tend to fluctuate a lot,and your strategies should always follow the longterm pattern.

Anand Srinivasan is a Software Engineer and a part-time webmaster. Visit his blog at for more such articles.

The Google Adsense-Adwords Automatic Money Machine

Have you ever tried to make money through affiliate programs using Google Adwords?

Then you know it's not easy. Some say that only 2-3 out of 10 affiliate Adwords campaigns will actually make a profit.

But what if you could get your Adwords campaigns for free, or even make a little profit from using Adwords for promoting affiliate programs.

Actually you can get your Adwords campaigns for free if you combine your Adwords campaigns with Google Adsense.

With Google Adsense you place small ads on your own web-page, hoping that people will click on these ads. When someone clicks on a Google ad on your web-site, you make money.

The normal approach to making money with Google Adsense is to have thousands of pages with Google ads, but you can successfully make money with Google Adsense with just one page.

That's right - one page!

1. Step
All you have to do is find niches, where people pay several dollars to get the top position in the Google ads. You can use Overture's bidtool to find high priced niche keywords.

2. Step
Next step is to build your one-page Google Adsense money machine. Find a free article in one of the article directories and set up a page with your keyword targeted article and three Adsense ad blocks. Use small Adsense blocks, that only shows the top three high priced ads.

3. Step
Last step is to set up a Google Adwords campaign with that niche keyword (and related keywords) - but you only bid 5 cents!

Now sit back and watch the magic. People click on your 5-cent ad and come to your one-page-Adsense website. They read your article - and some of them will click on the high priced ads on your page. Bingo! - you've made a small profit.

Nothing much, maybe a one dollar profit a day. My first Google Adsense 'Money Machine' is generating a profit of 2-3 dollars a day - that's at least $730 a year for just one page.

Want to make more money with your one-page-money-machine?

Find an affiliate program in that niche, and put your affiliate link on the page. Some of your visitors will click the Google ads and some will click on your affiliate link. What ever they do, you win!

Now you've got your Google Adwords campaign for free or you're even making a small profit with your Google Adwords-Adsense money machine. At the same time you're marketing your niche affiliate program.

Final advice
Don't use this technique in the 'Internet Marketing' market place - it's much to crowded. Use your imagination and find niches like laser hair removal, wheel chairs, cell phone, homeowners loan etc.

Take action - and go find some money making niche keywords.

About the author:
Jan Sepstrup is the editor of the Google Profit Tools Follow Up Newsletter - A free toolbar and ebook for Google Adwords profit.

Adsense ? The Powerful Passive Income Generator

Webmasters have a revolutionary new method of collecting income from their websites.

Whereas in the past advertising revenue was reserved for those sites with large a coming and going of visitors, now even teenagers are making a quick buck with their online hobby blogs. People place adsense on their online family photo albums, their blogs and their business sites. The minimum you would get, even with a small amount of traffic, is for adsense to pay for your hosting costs.

Adsense revolutionized the world of paid advertising; banner advertising is based on the number of visitors you attract to your site, so the number of ?banner impressions? dictate the revenue you receive. Google Adsense is quite different; it is the number of visitors that actually click on the advertising that determine how much you earn.

There is also a great disparity between payouts; because advertisers bid up the price for certain keywords, some ads pay more than others. As such, a site with few visitors but expensive keywords in their google ads can potentially still pull in a hefty payout.

Google really has taken the web by storm; attracted to passive income, more and more people are seriously capitalizing on their Google adsense advertising. Some of the highest earners manage to attract enough visitors to make a four figure monthly income, just from using adsense alone! This is not one of those get-rich-quick schemes and Google?s adsense success is largely thanks to the fact that Google already enjoyed a fantastic reputation before introducing the program. They are a publicly traded company with physical headquarters. This, and the fact that anyone can apply to use adsense for free, has caused millions of people to sign up. For google it was a smart move, because now they extend their presence to countless websites and generate millions of dollars in advertising revenue. People were never reluctant to sign up, because the program is free. Google benefits by more people using adsense, so offering it for free was the best thing they could do.

One of the driving forced behind the program are its relevance to each and every page on a website; the program picks up keywords appearing in the website copy and automatically displays relevant ads. This increases the chances of people clicking through, and the webmaster collecting more revenue.

People are leveraging their income by operating several websites and attempting to attract as many targeted visitors as possible; in many instances we can observe that people work hard at a site, then once it is established they can largely leave it alone, yet still collect significant checks.

A major concern for entrepreneurs was the danger of a competitors ads showing up on their site; thanks to the adsense feature where it only displays relevant advertising. However this problem was solved by offering webmasters the option of filtering out unwanted ads. They can submit the URL of the competing site in their account, and any ads from the website will be blocked.

Google recently came out with a new feature: small targeted keywords based on the site?s content are displayed; then as people click on those, a page opens showing a variety of pay-per-click ads based on that keyword. This gives webmasters the chance of displaying more advertising in less space.

Adsense also adds creditability to your website; the more focused the content, the better the ads will be and this encourages people to built high quality websites. These make the net a better place and generally provide a free service; site owners can afford to share their expertise or passions because they can receive indirect revenue?s. The visitor does not pay for the information; instead the advertisers do, making the website?s existence possible in the first place.

It is no surprise Google adsense is the most widely used form of advertising; they have created a program that is beneficial to both advertisers and users with their ?no click no pay? mechanism, or more popularly called ?pay-per-click?. Advertisers do not pay for ads that are not drawing visitors, and website owners are paid more for each click than they would if the system were based on the number of people viewing the ads, instead of clicking on them.

All in all Google adsense has developed itself into a powerful tool, used by large corporations and the kid next door. They have truly revolutionized how the web thinks about advertising and made the process more profitable for site owners, while less costly for advertisers.

Matt Bacak, The Powerful Promoter and Entrepreneur Magazine e-Bizradio show host, became a \"#1 Best Selling Author\" in just a few short hours. He has helped a number of clients target his specialty, opt-in email direct marketing systems. The Powerful Promoter is not only a sought-after internet marketer but has also marketed for some of the world\'s top experts whose reputations would shrivel if their followers ever found out someone else coached them on their online marketing strategies. For more information, visit Bacak\'s site at or sign up for his Powerful PromotingTips at

How to Profit from Knowing the Most Expensive Keywords

By knowing the most expensive keywords on the internet, you can create websites and web pages based on these keywords. On these sites and pages, you can serve expensive ads and/or promote affiliate offers that reap high bounties when clicked or completed.

The challenge lies in driving traffic to these sites. One way to drive traffic is through search engine optimization, whereby you create a website that ranks highly on the search engines and receive “free” traffic. Or, if you already have an existing well-ranked site, you can create new pages linked from your existing pages. A second way to drive traffic is through online advertising.

With regards to advertising, one key is to understand correlations between keywords. By determining correlations between inexpensive and expensive keywords, you can advertise on the inexpensive keyword (via pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on search engines) to drive traffic to your website that serves ads based on expensive keywords. For instance, advertising on the keyword “painting” ($0.20 keyword), and sending visitors to your site about the related topic “home remodeling” ($2.00 keyword) allows you to profit from the wide spread between the keyword prices of the two correlated keywords.

Likewise there are many opportunities to run banner and other ads through online advertising networks to drive traffic to your website. These ads can run on both “painting” and “home remodeling” websites. The cost of CPM (cost per impression) advertising typically does not reflect the price of the keywords. That is, a banner ad on a “painting” website typically costs the same as a banner ad on a “home remodeling” website. This sharply contrasts the price of PPC advertising on search engines which vary widely based on the keyword.

There are two other ways to profit from knowing the most expensive keywords. The first doesn’t even require you to own or operate a website. In this method, you advertise using inexpensive means (e.g., via pay-per-click advertising on inexpensive keywords or CPM advertising) and direct traffic to high paying affiliate offers. The second method is to set up your own search engine. There are several companies that allow you to easily set up a search engine that serves PPC ads syndicated from Google, Overture or other PPC search engine networks. Once you create your engine, you can drive traffic directly to your PPC results, and get paid every time someone clicks on one of the results. Likewise, on your search engine’s home page, you can include many links to expensive keywords, so that when someone clicks on it, the engine shows expensive ads based on those keywords.

Understanding keyword pricing is critical to the online advertising, PPC search engine and affiliate marketing businesses – businesses that combine for over $25 billion a year in revenues. With a market of this size, generating substantial profits, if you have the right information, is really not that challenging.
Dave Lavinsky - EzineArticles Expert Author

Dave Lavinsky is the President of, a firm which tracks and publishes databases of the 15,000+ most expensive PPC keywords.

AdWords Work: They Really Do!

In 2003 I was accepted by Google into their AdSense program. Without a doubt, it has been a profitable relationship for both parties as they continuously serve up high paying content related ads and we share in the spoils. Still, AdSense does not bring me new customers, but AdWords does. Do AdWords work? Yes they do. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of running a cost effective AdWords campaign.

So, what are AdWords? AdWords is a Google product for web advertisers. Ads are written by advertisers who determine how much they will pay for each click [or impression] on their ad, where the ad will run, and for how long. The ads appear on Google's search results, on websites, virtually anywhere a web page can be served. No, they do not appear on adult or hate sites nor do they appear on any site that Google deems to be unacceptable.

The cost of running AdWords is fully under the control of advertisers. You can select payouts of anywhere from a nickle to $100. per click and budget the daily amount you want to spend. You can run one ad or multiple ads and have several campaigns running simultaneously. You can also change your ads or campaigns midstream or pull the program altogether. At the beginning of the month Google will bill you for the ads clicked; this step usually occurs as a debit to your checking account.

Do AdWords really work? Yes, they do. Several months after being accepted by Google into their AdSense program I decided I needed to launch my own ad campaign. Naturally, Google was the choice as I was benefitting from AdSense and I wanted to help Google out even in a small way. For the past eighteen months I have been running campaigns on and off and have learned the most cost effective -- as well as market penetrating -- ways to reach my customers. They include:

1. Run short campaigns. I keep my campaigns to a week or two before pulling them. If I am interested in going further, I usually rewrite my ads or change my target audience. I check my keywords and toss those that are ineffective.

2. Low CPCs. For awhile Google was receiving reports of illegal clicks to advertisers' ads. Many advertisers found their budgets depleted within days of starting campaigns and complained loudly to Google. For their part, Google repaid advertisers for invalid clicks, but the problem of click fraud continues. I have found that offering ten cent bids for clicks helps to bring adequate traffic to my sites; I don't seem to suffer much from invalid clicks, but when I do the loss is minimal. Many advertisers are lowering their bid amounts -- to the chagrin of publishers -- to avoid being the victim of invalid clicks.

3. Low budgets. I generally budget between $1-$3 per day for my campaigns. If I see a problem with invalid clicks, I change the campaign and notify Google. Google is very quick in amending problems for their advertisers.

4. The Googlebot. Yes, if you run AdSense ads, the Googlebot will visit your site as does Google's regular page indexing/spidering robot. I cannot prove it, but I seem to have generated better indexed pages with Google since incorporating AdWords. They send the traffic via the ads and my pages are moving up in the ranks.

You will need to experiment to find out what type of campaign works for your business. Keep a close eye on the reports made available by Google for AdWords advertisers and look at your webstats reports for changes in traffic. Above all, ask your new customers how they learned about your business and chances are a significant number will mention that they clicked on a Google ad to find your site. If that is the case, your campaign is a success and you will soon agree with me that AdWords does work, indeed!
Matthew Keegan - EzineArticles Expert Author

Matt is The Article Writer who writes on a variety of topics for web content to magazines. You can see samples of some of his work at

How to Increase Your Adsense Revenue

If you're a webmaster, you've probably heard about Google's Adsense. Perhaps you're even earning from it already. This article will show you a method to increase your Adsense revenue dramatically.

Google's Adsense allows webmasters to place links from Google's Adwords advertisers on their webpages by inserting a special code. When a visitor clicked on a link, the webmaster gets a cut of the profit Google made from the advertiser. The unique feature about Adsense is that the links it generates on your webpage are relevant to your page content. Thus, your keywords and topics become very important determinant for the type of links that will appear on your webpage.

There are only two factors that determine how much a webmaster can make from Adsense. The first factor is the number of visitors who click on the links. The more people who clicked on the links, the more you make. Naturally, this means that the more targetted traffic to the website, the more you'll make. This is where most webmasters focus their efforts on.

The second factor is the value of the links they clicked on. Here's where you can make a great difference to your earnings from Adsense and is our focus in this article.

Let's take a look at how this works:

Suppose you have 1000 visitors to your website and you get 2% conversion, that is 20 people clicked on your Adsense links. Let's assume that your Adsense links pay you only 50 cents per click. So you earn $10 dollars.

Now let's see how much this same traffic will make for you if your Adsense links pay you $5 per click. For the same number of clicks, you make $100 dollars. That's a ten-fold increased in revenue!

Well, that makes sense, you said, but how am going to determine what type of links appear on my webpages?

Good questions!

Here's where you'll need to do a little research and here's a tool to help you do just that.

Go over to and you'll get a tool that shows you how much each keyword is worth. While this tool is for Overture's keywords, we can safely assume that this reflects the keyword values for Googles Adwords as well. Once you've found the keywords with high monetary values, you can optimize your webpages for them. This will increase your chances of having these high value keyword links appearing on your webpages.

Some people have actually made extensive researches on Google's top paying keywords and found that one or two keywords are worth almost $100! However, generally most keywords are valued at between 50 cents and $5 dollars. Some keywords like "internet marketing" may fetch up to $7 dollars and "mortgage" pays up to $10 dollars.

These values may change from time to time but they generally hover around these levels. Naturally, this information is priceless and you'll have to pay to get it. I feel it is worth every cent you paid for it. You can check it out at

And there you have it! A single factor that can radically increase your Adsense revenue!
Tim Ong - EzineArticles Expert Author

Tim Ong is the author of "The Book of Transformation" and the "Build From Within" ezine. You can find more personal transformational and success articles at his website at The Self Improvement Site.

The AdSense Formula for Making Money

I often get asked what the secret is to making money with Google's AdSense program. This often comes from people who are dreaming of setting up websites chock full of high-paying keywords for particular niche subjects and then sitting back and watching the money roll in. "What's the magic formula?" they ask me. If they're non-technical, I point them straight to my book, Make Easy Money with Google, and assure them that they'll learn everything they need from it. They may think it's hard, but it's not.

But what about the technical people? By this I mean the people who've already set up a blog or website, who have registered domain names, who are comfortable with basic Internet terminology and concepts. What is the "AdSense formula"?

The only AdSense formula that you need to know is this:

earnings = number of clicks * average price per click

This is what I call the Fundamental AdSense Formula because you can derive almost every AdSense "secret" directly or indirectly from this formula. Do you want to earn more with AdSense? You have two ways of doing it:

1. Increase the number of clicks, and/or

2. Increase the average price per click

Your earnings will only go up if you do one or the other, and ideally both. It's an obvious formula, yes, but it's amazing how many people lose sight of it in their quest for increased AdSense earnings.

Increasing the Number of AdSense Clicks

Increasing the number of times the ads on your site or blog are clicked is the most obvious strategy. There are two general strategies you can follow:

1. Increase the traffic to the site, and/or

2. Adjust the ads to make them more "clickable"

Getting traffic is hard and takes time, so don't look at it as a quick fix. The best way to get traffic is to provide useful, unique content and to rank highly in search engine rankings for keywords related to that content. In other words, use standard search engine optimization techniques. DO NOT "buy" traffic or use "link farms" or other dubious techniques. Other tips for getting traffic:

1. Publish articles, even free ones, with links back to your site.

2. Include a link to your site in the signature at the bottom of your emails or in any forum postings you make (if the forum allows it).

3. Participate in forums/groups related to the content of your site or blog. The key is to participate, not lurk, and don't just post messages promoting your site.

4. Add comments (relevant ones only, please) to other blogs, you can usually link back to yours. (This won't help your search engine rankings, but it may allow others who are reading those comments to find your own site.)

5. Syndicate your content (trivial if you have a blog) and make sure that the content is registered with syndication aggregators.

6. List your site in relevant directories.

Adjusting the ads is something you can do almost immediately:

1. Position the ads on the page in order to make them more noticeable. Google even publishes a helpful heat map (see ) for AdSense publishers.

2. Choose the best AdSense ad format that works for your site.

3. Change the ad colors either to make the ads blend in with your site or to make them stand out. Again, it varies depending on the site.

Whatever you do, DO NOT ENTICE VISITORS TO CLICK THE ADS. Google is very strict about this, see the AdSense program policies (found at ) for the details.

Increasing the Average AdSense Price Per Click

Increasing the average price per click you receive from AdSense is the other strategy for increasing your overall AdSense earnings. You can do this by:

1. Carefully targeting your content, and/or

2. Filtering out and avoiding low-paying ads

Content targeting isn't just about creating relevant, unique content. It's also making sure that that content is written to target the higher-paying keywords associated with a given topic. This means:

1. Figuring out which keyword variations for that topic pay more. Often the more specialized variations and phrases pay more than the "generic" terms.

2. Ensuring that the keyword density of the content favors the higher-paying keyword variations. See for an example of well-targeted ads due to appropriate keyword density.

And to reduce the occurrence of lower-paying ads, consider these two strategies:

1. Use AdSense's competitive filter mechanism to screen out the ads that you don't want.

2. Show fewer ads on a page. The fewer ads you show, the more the higher-paying ads get displayed and clicked.

Many publishers also report that their earnings increase if they remove ads completely from pages with few or no clicks. Again, the "less is more" strategy favors the higher-paying ads.

There's No Magic

As you can see, there's no magic involved to increasing your AdSense earnings. The Fundamental AdSense Formula is easy to understand, but that doesn't mean it's easy to apply the formula. It takes time and effort to do it, just like most things.

Copyright 2005 by Eric Giguere. Permission is granted to reproduce the article in electronic newsletters or on websites provided that the complete article text is included, unchanged, and that neither the copyright declaration nor this license are removed. This article was originally published at
Eric Giguere - EzineArticles Expert Author

Eric Giguere is the author of Make Easy Money with Google: Using the AdSense Advertising Program, an introductory AdSense book published by Peachpit Press. Find out more about the book from the companion site or by contacting the author directly at

How to Double Your AdSense Income Instantly

As you probably already know, AdSense is revolutionizing the way many infopreneurs are creating revenue from their web site traffic. The reason for this is its simplicity. Through AdSense, revenue is generated when someone simply clicks thru the AdSense ads displayed on the webmasters web site.

In this article I want to give you a few simple ways to dramatically increase your AdSense income.

The bottom line:

To increase AdSense income all you must do is increase the number of click thrus you receive.

There are two ways for you to increase your total number of click thrus. You can either increase your website traffic or you can increase your AdSense click thru rate. Now, getting more traffic would be great, but let’s be honest increasing your web site traffic is much easier said than done. So, let’s focus on increasing your AdSense click thru rate instead.

4 Tips to Increase Click Thru:

Match your AdSense to your website:

You want your AdSense ads to appear as seamless as possible. Your goal is to match every aspect of your AdSense ads to the theme of your website. What you want to do is remove the borders from your AdSense ads and match the background color of the ad to your website. Additionally, you want to match the color of the AdSense links to the rest of the links on your website plus choose an ad format that makes the ads look seamless.

For example, if your web site has a white background and the default color of your hypertext links is blue you will want to remove the border from your AdSense, make the background white, choose either a square or a rectangle as your ad format instead of a skyscraper or banner, and yep you guessed it… make the links blue.

Placement Matters:

Where you place your AdSense ads is just as important as how they look. Luckily, there are only a few concepts that you need to worry about in order to increase your click through rate.

•The more white space around your ads the better
•The closer to the top of the page the better
•The closer the left of the page the better

Follow these concepts and I can assure you that you will see an increase in your AdSense click thru rate. (It really is that simply!)

Google Search:

Now this is one that I rarely see webmasters take advantage of. The Google AdSense program gives webmasters the ability to add a Google search box to there web site.

Why should you use this function?

Well, when a website visitor chooses to use this search box from your website your AdSense ID will be imbedded in ALL of that visitors Google searches. If that person does 1 search or 50 your AdSense ID will still be imbedded throughout process.

Why is this so great?

If that visitor clicks on any of the sponsored listings while surfing from your web site guess who makes money. YOU! If they hit the back button and click on another ad guess who makes money? YOU! This is absolutely huge. Through this function you now have the ability to earn multiple click thrus from the same visitor on the site visit. Please don’t overlook how powerful this is. Besides, most of your website traffic will just be browsing anyway, so I why help them find what there looking for and make a little coin along the way?


Just like any other type of marketing, you won’t know what’s working the best for you on your web site unless you track the different things that you’re experimenting with. Set up a few Google AdSense channels for the different ads that you’ll be placing on your website. Then just see which channels are working the best and stick to those.

That’s it!

Follow the tips above and I can assure you that you will absolutely double your AdSense click thru rate and your AdSense income. The best part about the four tips I’ve shared here is that you can put them into action immediately and see how they will work on your website right now. Who knows… you could be making twice as much by tomorrow by just making a few simple tweaks here and there.

Good Luck!

If you don’t know where to start and you want to check out how I’ve incorporated the above ideas into of my website you can check it out below:


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7 Powerful Ways To Make Money From Adsense Using Only Free Tools

There is really no doubting that there are amazing incomes currently being made on Google Adsense and the really interesting thing is that even relatively small sites and blogs are finding new ways to make money from their Adsense sites every day.

Actually there are a lot of increasingly creative ways to make money and maximize on Adsense earnings that are being discovered and also being put to use every day. And what’s even more fascinating is the fact that most of these tools being used don’t cost anything. They are actually free. Here are 7 of the most effective currently being used.

a) Ways to make money from Adsense by Distributing articles through ezine and article announcement lists

Some of the most effective methods ways to make money from Adsense clicks involve the simple step of just increasing the volume of targeted traffic to a site. One of the ways of doing this is by distributing interesting content to ezine lists and article announcement lists. It is not too difficult to quickly build a list that reaches a million or so email boxes and can thus give a lot of visibility and drive tons of highly targetd traffic to your Adsense site or sites. Probably the most popular place for doing this is at Yahoo groups, but there are a few others that you can find easily by using your favorite search engine.

Success here depends on three main factors. Firstly you should be careful to join article announcement lists and ezine lists that are as relevant as possible to your subject matter and offering. Secondly your headline has to be a killer headline that will grab readers by the scruffs of their necks and force them to open your email message amongst the dozens or even hundreds of others they receive daily. It goes without saying that the content must meet the promise of your sensational headline. Anything less will cause annoyance and leave all those potential visitors to your Adsense site feeling cheated. And believe me, you don’t want to cause this sort of reaction because it is definitely not one of the ways o make money from Adsense or any other program for that matter. Thirdly, you will need the sort of resource box in all your articles that will leave most of your readers with no option but to visit your Adsense site.

Within a very short of consistently applying this technique, my daily Adsense earnings increased seven-fold.

b) Ways to make money from Adsense by Distributing free articles to high traffic article sites Some people find the recent trends that have seen an increase in article sites surprising. I don’t. The net is primarily an information-seeking tool. Anything that will help improve the search and quality of information will greatly benefit the people making that effort.

Some of the older article directories receive very high traffic, mainly from web masters and site owners seeking quality free content for their sites. So apart from the immediate exposure these sites also guarantee plenty of future targeted traffic to your site, when folks find your articles useful enough to re-post at their sites.

The more new articles you release to these sites every week, the more targeted traffic your Adsense sites will receive. This is in fact one of the most effective ways of making money consistently from Adsense clicks. One of the reasons for this is that targeted traffic will tend to spend more time at your site or sites, and the more time they spend, the higher the chances that they will click one one of the Adsense ads posted there.

c) Ways to make money from Adsense by Using Articles And A Viral Marketing Website

Any online marketing technique that involves the use of referral marketing or viral marketing automatically has a huge chance of being a success. The net is ideal for viral marketing and in fact gives any viral marketer huge leverage. Viral marketing or referral marketing is one of the most effective ways to make money online. Just ask Bill Gates.

When Gates was trying to play catch up on the Internet after an earlier mistake of underestimating the future importance of the net, he launched his Hotmail free email service when rivals like Yahoo already had millions of users. He decided to use a simple referral marketing technique. Every Hotmail message that went out had a brief signature at the end requesting the recipient to sign up for their free Hotmail account. Within a few short months, Hotmail had millions of users. And there are many other amazing stories which viral marketing boasts of on the net.

There is one of the very simple ways to make money from Adsense by going viral. Sign up at a leading viral marketing site. You will automatically get your own viral site. You can then use some of your articles to point people to your viral site. The way these sites work is that anybody who signs up at your site will have to visit your Adsense site if you register it at the site. So within a very short time you will be driving thousands of visitors to your Adsense site.

Find more details on this at my blog whose address you'll find in the resource box below.

Admittedly this traffic is less targeted. Still the huge potential and possible numbers you are able to receive using this free tool more than makes up for this.

d) Ways to make money from Adsense With Your Email signature

People greatly underestimate the power and potential effectiveness of a simple email signature as one of the ways to make money online. Actually this is a viral marketing method because emails get forwarded all the time and are even copied to several other people sometimes.

Do not waste another minute. Go to all your email accounts right now and create a signature that points to your Adsense site or sites.

Writing effective email signatures is a skill that you will have to develop, but I have found that using famous quotes is more effective than a straight advertising message. Always remember that people hate to be advertised to online.

e) Ways to make money from Adsense By Asking Questions At Discussion groups

I recently had an interesting conversation with a young Internet and computer techie. He asked me whether there were quick ways to make money online by answering technical questions and helping people to solve their computer and web-related problems. My answer was that there were many discussion groups where participants would get these answers for free. I advised him that he had a better chance of making money by making use of this free advice available online rather than by trying to sell his own advice.

There are tons of online discussion groups where leading world experts will answer your questions and give you valuable insight for free. It is amazing why most people do not think of using these online forums to learn as much as they can about the most effective ways of making money from Adsense.

These forums can easily be found through you favorite search engine.

f) Ways to make money from Adsense By Bartering your online skills for valuable Adsense keywords

In the old days, before the invention of money, if somebody needed something, the first question they asked themselves was; “What is it that I already have that I can exchange for what I need? Barter trade seems to have been forgotten but it is a very powerful method of trading. More so online where people have plenty of skills but are slow to trust others enough to send them money for an item they need.

You can barter whatever it is you have, your skills, products or services, and exchange them for genuine valuable Adsense keywords. Valuable Adsense keywords are the most effective way for a small site with low traffic to earn big cash from Adsense. And you can do this barter trade on an ongoing basis so that you always have a constant supply of valuable Adsense keywords which you can use at your site or blog as one of the ways to make more money from Adsense.

g) Ways to make money from Adsense By Sending Teaser Emails

To Everybody In Your Inbox And Also To Your Opt-in Email List Most of us receive tons of email in our inbox every day. You’ll be surprised at the huge number of people you know by simply going through your email inbox. No matter how good your spam filters are, you are also bound to be receiving more than your fare share of SPAM or unsolicited email. All this is “gold” lying in your email inbox and there are ways to make money using these emails. All you need to do to process the emails into pure gold is to send out “teaser emails about the most interesting aspects of content at your site. The whole objective of teaser emails is to get people to visit your site. For instance if I were to send out teaser email on this content here is how I would construct it;

Subject: Free Tools Currently Being Used To Increase Adsense Earnings


Just thought you might be interested in this subject, since so many folks online use Adsense these days. If not please accept my sincere apologies. Details are at my site.

www. your site's address .com

Regards, Chris.

I am sure you can write an even more effective teaser email. It would be a better idea to have a different message for your close friends, a different one for your business contacts and yet another one for those nasty guys SPAMMING you.

These are just some of the many creative ways to make money from Adsense.

Christopher Kyalo is a successful online writer and entrepreneur.
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Combining the Power of Google Adsense and Email Marketing

In the past year, Google Adsense has become the “It” way to make money on the Internet.

But even if you already use Google Adsense on your site, you are probably leaving money on the table. Let me explain why…

Most people create a site, slap some content and then wait for people to click on their ads.

But once people click on an ad, they are gone….probably forever!

One method that smart Internet marketers use to maximize their Google Adsense is to harness the power of their email list. By getting people to subscribe to their list, website owners can continue to make money from their readers.

By utilizing the power of their email list, website owners can dramatically increase their Adsense income.

Here is how you can do the same. In the following article, there is a step-by-step list of how you can harness the power of your list to create a steady stream of Adsense revenue.

The first step is to create a topic that is in high demand. A good topic would be something that people have an interest in, or information that can help your readers personally or financially.

Your next action would be to create content for your site. The idea is to write or use information that would provide value to the reader. All your articles should help improve their life in some manner. You can create content for your site in a large numbers of ways. This can include:

· Your own web articles
· Guides, product evaluations, and “How To's”
· Blogs and RSS Feeds
· Public domain works
· Private label rights
· Hiring a freelancer to write your content

Obviously creating content for your site is an ongoing process, so once you've created at least 10 pages of quality information for your readers, you should create your web pages and optimize them for Google Adsense.

As you are designing your pages for Adsense, you should keep one thing in mind- Your primary goal is to get people to click on your Adsense ads.

So don't give your readers too many options. As a result, it is important to keep your web page simple. To do this, you should include do the following:

· Place the article on the web page
· Ad all three Adsense blocks in prominent places
· Make sure that the ad blocks look like standard text, with the no borders and blue links
· If you have to have other links on this page, include them at the bottom where there is a less chance of being clicked on

After designing your web pages, you need to create an autoresponder sequence for your email list. The primary focus for each email is to get people to click on your Google Adsense pages. So it is important to create and intriguing title. Then in the email, write a little bit about the importance of the article and tell your subscribers how they can learn more by clicking over to the site.

Once you've created your sequence of bringing readers to your Adsense pages, you should start promoting your lists. You can do this by articles, PPC, ebooks, viral marketing and SEO. The more people usually means more money, so you have to continuously work at marketing your website.

Once you have finished creating your Adsense and email system, you should go back and continue to add more content and market your site. By having a large selection of information and more readers, you'll discover that your Google Adsense income will grow exponentially.

Scott J. Patterson is a self proclaimed Dunce, yet in a recent month he earned $12,124 from one of his online businesses. To find out how YOU can do the same, download his free ebook- A Secret Guide to Online Businesses.