Friday, March 31, 2006

Google Adsense - What the Gurus Don't Tell You About Google Adsense To Gain A Consistent Income

It has been reported that in the year 2005, $1 billion dollars were earned by google adsense publishers worldwide. Daily, we are accosted by stories of top earners who extol their feelings of happiness of being identified with this excellent program, that gives new value to advertising and promotional efforts. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of adsense publishers who are actively creating pure content websites to display those tiny google ads and getting a portion of the revenue when someone clicks on the ads in search of information or in search of purchasing the product.

I often read email offers from the adsense gurus'. There are many who offer to provide research reports on the best high paying keywords so that you can build effective web sites to draw ads that pay the most when clicked. Others, encourage you to submit your optimised site to hundreds of search engines to get backlinks, others applaud the power of press releases to reap hundreds of backlinks when the press release is picked up by online editors. Some who see virtue in black hat SEO ( search engine optimisation ) offer powerful scripts that cloak pages. There are many too who offer you the instant use of the latest Blog and Ping softwares to attract the search engine spiders to come and index your page. Not to forget the many gurus' who are offerring the latest state of the art softwares to auto-generate hundreds of pages within minutes, to create massive sites of search engine results based pages as directories and indexes.

But in all these, there are very important things the gurus invariable fail to highlight, and which can dash all the aspirations of the budding adsense publisher to tiny pieces.

Firstly, you can make the best pure content website, but if it does not attract targeted traffic, you will not be earning any money from the effort.

Secondly, you can have huge web sites of keywords that are meant to be high paying, but in reality when you get clicks, you find you might be getting just a few cents worth of clicks.

Thirdly, indexed pages come and go. What is indexed today may be gone tomorrow as the search engines update their listings.

Fourthly, even if you had followed the advice of many-a-guru to have unique content and unique customized templates for your website, there is no guarantee of earning higher adsense income or any income at all, especially if the sites do not gather traffic.

Fifthly, do not be attracted to buy those ready-made low cost websites that you can upload and attract traffic, especially where there is never a limit to the number of similar sites being sold. There will be a huge duplicity of web site content for these sites which are sold a dozen a penny ( you can buy 150 sites for only $15 - from one email flyer I received through my email box recently).

If you are a newbie to google adsense publishing, learn the tricks and skills from a mentor. This will accelerate your learning and help you avoid the pitfalls of trying to look for easy money. In the end, the Google Adsense is a great program and working close to the terms of service by Google Adsense and providing solid relevant content and having a reliable steady traffic flow to the sites will help bring you a consistent income as an adsense publisher.

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